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    firewood processing in devon
    Firewood processing in Devon
    firewood processing in devon
    If you’re thinking about cutting and splitting firewood then a firewood processor is a great machine that cuts and splits lengths of wood into pieces of the required size to fit on a fire or in a woodburner. The wood is first cut, then can be left whole for thin pieces or split into quarters or sixths.
    Mobile firewood processing offers a significant cost saving when compared to cutting them with a chainsaw and splitting by hand. Firewood businesses can cost effectively increase productivity without buying costly equipment.
    Operating the very latest in mobile wood processing plant, we can come to your premises to process, cut and split logs to your own specifications from your own stock of cord wood.  Processing speed varies depending on the wood and help available but we aim to process 15m3 a day.
    We also supply dry, seasoned hardwood logs delivered to your door – please see locallogs.net for more details.
    You tube Video  Firewood Processing Video