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    Utilities Installation
    Wind turbine groundworks
    Martin Parish Contracting can provide you with a wide range of groundwork services that are tailored to your requirements. We are fully insured and CITB/CPCS Certified and carry out each groundwork job to the highest standard. From a simple household driveway right through to major cut & fill earthworks, we have got it covered.

    What we do

    Specialist Reedbed Soakaways

    We have extensive experience of the design and construction of soakaways and specialist reedbed soakaways.  Please see our gallery for more details.

    Renewable energy groundworks

    We have installed pads and tracks for wind turbines including negotiating our way over large regional gas pipelines!

    Septic tanks & sewage treatment plants

    We install all types of septic tanks, processing plants along with associated pipework and soakaways.

    Road/track construction and Repair

    We can construct new Farm tracks and driveways from scratch using bought in stone or if you have stone available on site we can use this.  We can also repair old potholed tracks ensuring they have a camber to shed rainwater.


    We can create new ditching which is ideal for boggy swamped areas and clear out silted ditches.

    Utilities groundworks

    We can work with your utilities contractor to dig channels for electric, gas and water supplies.


    We can deal with most types of demolition from sheds to houses.


    From deep foul drainage to French drainage and field drainage we cover all aspects.

    Site Clearance

    General residential and commercial site clearance.


    All types ground preparation for residential and commercial buildings.

    Cut and Fill Earthworks

    From simple earthworks required for a shed base to a major cut and fill job for lakes and mènages.


    Creation of all weather arenas and dressage menages from start to finish with the customers choice of surface and fencing.