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    Hedge cutting to a high standard requires precision from an experienced operator. We offer a flail cutting service for farms, equestrian centres, large estates and larger garden hedges, assuming there is suitable access for a tractor.
    We operate machinery that is well maintained which ensures a high quality finish to the hedges and reduces the size of waste left after the cutting process.  The machines will also cut grass verges and being a flail cutter it will leave a tidy cut as it mulches all the cuttings back into the grass.
    We can also deal with overgrown hedges which are too big for a flail hedge trimmer using a saw blade that will cut through large branches.
    We can cut most types of hedge rows, including Hawthorn, Holly, Beech, Privet and garden varieties.
    The hedge cutting season generally starts on the 1st September and continues through to the 28th February the following year. Wet ground is normally started earlier in the season, and road side hedges are usually completed during periods of wet weather.